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What is a Board Certified Veterinarian?

A board certified veterinarian is a veterinarian who has advanced clinical training in a specific field of veterinary care, has successfully passed proficiency examinations, and is recognized as an expert in that particular field of care.

Pre-Vet: 3-4 years of college plus experience in veterinary-related field.

-Competitive and intense application process

Veterinary School: 4 year (there are only 32 veterinary schools in North America) – 2500 students graduate annually

Path One: 85% go directly into private practice after graduation

Private Practice:

-Large Animal

-Small Animal

-Mixed Animal


Path Two: 15% go into other pursuits

-Military Career

-Government Work

-Graduate School

-Specialty Training Programs

Highly competitive application process

Advanced Specialty Training:

-1 year internship and 2-5 year residency, which involves:

-Clinical Competency

-Research experience


-Examination to become Board Certified

Diplomat Status Achieved in:

-Internal Medicine







-Emergency Medicine

-Pathology + 11 other fields

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