Video Endoscopy

LAMA now has the ability to perform upper airway endoscopy on-site. We are able to provide video endoscopy to our clients, as well as referrals from other veterinary practices, so that problems can be diagnosed or eliminated on the premises. On-the-farm video endoscopy allows for less stress on both the animal and owner because we are able to come to you, negating the need to trailer to a hospital. By using video endoscopy, we give the client a recording of the session to keep for themselves, or give to their veterinarian to review. This allows the client to visualize what is going on inside their animal, and a referring veterinarian to continue necessary treatment protocols. Video endoscopy is not just for upper airway examinations, but reproductive tract and urinary tract exams as well. This allows for a view

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We have access to an in house blood chemistry and CBC (complete blood count) machine to run routine blood panels. This allows us to have results in minutes in order to evaluate normal and abnormal physiologic parameters in our patients. We also utilize outside veterinary laboratories for other routine bloodwork, biopsy testing, regulatory testing and evaluation, endocrine testing, drug testing and more.

Digital Radiography

At Large Animal Medical Associates, we have a portable, state-of-the art digital radiography machine which provides us with high quality images to help with our diagnostic work-up. This is an essential part of lameness evaluations, pre-purchase examinations, or other injury examination. Because of it's compact size and portability, we can take radiographs in the field, and then immediately interpret the images to help diagnose the problem. If necessary, these images can be easily be emailed or transferred onto a disc to be sent to board certified radiologists for consultation. The client also benefits by being able to receive a copy of the images at the time of the examination. If a there is a case that requires close communication and teamwork with the farrier, our digital radiography unit allows us to be at the farrier visit and capture images as the animal is being worked on. This helps to ensure trimming and shoeing stay consistent with the needs of the animal to maintain soundness and continue on the road to recovery.


Ultrasonography is a vital part of large animal veterinary medical care. Some of the common ultrasound uses include reproductive work, evaluation of soft tissue injuries, and internal organ evaluation.

Video Gastroscopy

Gastric ulcers are a common cause of intermittent colic, chronic weight loss, and general unthriftiness in animals. Thanks to the development of gastroscopes, we are now able to correctly diagnose gastric ulcers earlier. LAMA has the ability to provide on-site video gastroscopy to clients, as well as referral clients from other veterinary practices. Gastric ulcers are most commonly caused by stress to an animal, and, because LAMA's video gastroscope is portable, we are able to prevent more potential stress due to travel that would otherwise be necessary to have this important diagnostic step performed at a hospital. Many clients do not want to add to their animal's stress, potentially causing more health problems, by shipping them, and LAMA is pleased to be able to provide an alternative to those clients. We provide a recording of the session to the client, so that they may keep it to view later, or to give to the referring veterinarian to initiate the necessary treatment protocol to get the animal on it's way to recovery.

of otherwise unseen areas in the animal body that can help maintain or regain the health of your animal. Capturing and saving the session is important for medical documentation, insurance information, and progress evaluation. Video endoscopy also allows simultaneous viewing by more people than just the veterinarian.