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Health Topics

We know that the health of your pet is one of the most important things in your life. And we make that our number one priority as soon as you walk in our door.

For Your Information:

-What is a Board Certified Veterinarian?
What is a Certified Veterinary Technician?
What is Internal Medicine?

AAEP Horse Care Topics:

-Equine Dental Care (PPT)

-10 Tips to Caring for your Older Horse

-10 Tips to Preventing Colic

-10 Tips for Weight Reduction

-Pre-purchase Exams

-Signs of Laminitis

-Reducing Risk of Gastric Ulcers

Horse Care Topics:

-Equine First Aid Kit Recommendations
Equine Vaccinations (PDF)

-Potomac Horse Fever

-Cushing’s Disease

-Lyme Disease

-Equine Deworming

-Equine Disease Information

Camelid and Small Ruminant Care:

-Urinary Obstruction in Small Ruminants
Camelid and Small Ruminant Vaccines (PDF)

-Negative E Balance

-Camelid Deworming

-Small Ruminant Deworming

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