We offer reproductive services such as artificial insemination (cooled or frozen), fetal sexing, dystocia (difficult birth) management, prenatal care, neonatal care and more.

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We provide a variety of surgical services. We perform routine surgical procedures on the farm. We offer most soft tissue procedures such as mass removals, abscess and laceration repair, ocular surgery, and more.


Chemotherapy is the use of potent drugs to kill cancer cells. In horses, these drugs are commonly injected or applied topically to skin tumors. Among other modalities, LAMA offers cisplatin beads.  These tiny beads contain a chemotherapy agent known as cisplatin. The beads are surgically implanted within a mass and sutured in place to break down over several weeks.  As they do, the drug is slowly released. This option carries less of a risk for irritation at the tumor site and potentially less exposure to the chemotheraputic agent by the client.


Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to remove abnormal tissue by killing the tissue at a cellular level. Liquid nitrogen is used to apply intense cold to the affected area using a probe or targeted spray. It may be used as the sole treatment of tumor removal or it may be used in conjunction with surgical excision. Aside from being highly effective and minimally invasive, cryotherapy carries little risk of side effects.